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Reporting Software

Reporting Concepts

One of the most important aspects of keeping data and records is the ability to analyze that data in the form of reports. These reports take the raw information and transform it into something understandable and actionable. The ability to see this data in a clear and concise matter drives business decisions and saves you money. We think reporting is one of the single most important, and underused, concepts in business today.

Now more than ever huge amounts of data is recorded and stored on your various databases. The ability for your employees and managers to access this data and make business decisions is vital to the profits of your company. Without good reports, or even worse, with reports that don't accurately define the data, you are doomed to making poor decision after poor decision. The negative effects this has on your business operations are incalculable.

Our reporting training courses will help your employees create and analyze strong reports that in turn give them the information they need to make good decisions. Let our training team help with your reporting training needs.

Reporting Software

We currently offer classes only with SAP/Business Objects/Crystal Reports software but there are a number of new applications designed to take advantage of the modern, web interfaces. If you don't see the software for which you need training don't hesistate to contact us and we'll find a trainer for you!

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Reporting Classes

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1 Crystal Reports
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