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InfoPath Training St. Louis

Infopath is a tool used to create forms to support business processes using the familiar Microsoft Office tools, such as fonts, bullets and numbering, table design, and clip art. The familiar tools and environment help minimize training time and speed forms creation. With this tool people can fill out forms online or offline with a native integration of forms in the Microsoft SharePoint Workspace interface. A user can easily take a SharePoint library with InfoPath forms offline in the SharePoint Workspace environment. Information entered in the forms is automatically synchronized to the SharePoint library once the participant is back online, so people can be productive whether they’re connected to a network or not.

If you are using SharePoint then it is quite likely that you will be able to create user-forms that benefit your business processes. InfoPath is easy to use and creating anything from simple forms to complex ones is not that difficult as long as your employees are properly trained.


We offer InfoPath classes for InfoPath 2007 and Infopath 2010



Outlines: 2010 - 2007

This Infopath training class is targeted for people with web design experience, form administrators, information coordinators, and Microsoft Office system power users who need to gather, reuse, distribute, and collaborate using XML-based forms. While some computer skills are necessary the interface is easy to understand and anyone with basic knowledge can create and upload forms to a SharePoint site without a great deal of technical experience.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to create InfoPath forms, import and export forms, customize a form layout, manage views, apply security to forms, distribute forms, manage controls, and work with a database.

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Saint Louis, MO 63144

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